Quality Assurance

At Saflon Lifesciences, we dedicate our services to provide a supreme quality of healthcare products that makes us a matchless choice in the Pharma Industry.


With an emphasis on quality based services, we build an attention to detail strategy for the production of every single herbal product with utmost perfection in its every single phase. We implement the best research techniques and procure raw materials with specifications based on their health benefits. Our methods are formulated effectively to ensure the exact doses of medicines depending on the complicacies of any health issue. Different medicinal doses affect the body processes in different ways. Thus, like an insufficient dose can make a medicine ineffective while an over-dose also brings its own faults. To rectify this, our quality department monitors a check on the quantity of the medicine and implements a testing method at every stage to validate an accurate composition of the herbal medicine.



Along with a quality management system, there is a regular self assessment strategy by which we strive to keep up with the high standards established in the pharma Industry. With the latest technologies for manufacturing along with up to date testing equipments, we maintain an unprecedented high quality and timely service.



Our ultimate goal of our health services is to offer an exemplary customer service for catering varied healthcare problems.