Product Overview

At SaflonLifesciences we build products that are purely Natural. With a blend of the ancient medical science, Ayurveda, our forms of remedy involves only Herbal products. Our products categorize under wellness and maintenance of health processes, skin solutions, and oral health products for children, women and men.

With the solutions of our Herbal products, we can effectively cure any abnormalities due to birth defects, accidental injuries, seasons and climate changes, Aging problems, weaknesses due to lack of nutrition along with emotional stresses. Our remedies assure to cure the most prevalent health problems in the society including Liver Disorders, Gynaec Problems, Pediatric Discomforts, Obesity, Muscle Problems like Arthritis, Skin problems and many more.

We ensure that our oral medicines do not lead to any un-desirable effects, especially with common side effects that adversely affect the digestion and excretion of wastes. Our natural solutions enable an overall balance to your body, mind and soul. We make sure that our Herbal Products help you to increase the immunity levels in your body and make your body less susceptible to viruses and bacteria’s that cause severe health disorders.

Our forms of medicines are Syrups, Capsules, Oil, Powder etc. We have separate sections in medicines and healthcare solutions for men, women and children to cater the health problems separately and gender wise.