3rd Party Manufacturing

We at Saflon Lifesciences give you the provision for third party manufacturing. The following list of our functions shall give a good deal of knowledge about our outsourcing methods, please take a look:

  • We ensure production of herbal capsules, lotions, syrups and tablets as per scheduled contracts.
  • Based on the requirements of your contract we ensure the procurement of the necessary raw materials, the manufacture of medicines, with end phases like Quality examination along with the packaging system.
  • We enable impeccable standards of supply chain management.
Our effective techniques include the following:
  • Evaluation of quality of products and their supply.
  • Extremely reduced expenditure.
  • Maintain a steady income with an increased earning that also helps to mitigate the pain of manufacturing
  • Emphasis on an efficient marketing strategy
  • In-detailed product evaluation with regular testing
  • Assurance of a punctual and on-time delivery

With the above techniques for products manufacturing through third party contracts, we exhibit supreme flexibility and simplicity in our approach. Our marketing techniques and phase to phase analysis speak in volumes about our quality. Guided by an overly professional team of experts, compel us to keep up the high standards established in the Pharmacy industry.