With the power of natural solutions, we at SaflonLifesciences feel the significance to spread the benefits of our Herbal products. Our export services are inspired from the legendary Ayurvedic medical science that once used to rule not in India but across several worldwide places.


Motivated to re-live the dream of Ayurveda and its natural remedies, our Herbal products are exported to different parts of Asia, South East and Central Asia, Africa and to parts of China. We understand the global need to spread the magic of natural remedies. Hence our export services are indebted to fulfill the dream of many who demands a natural solution to their health issues.



As natural remedies are always the best remedies to harmonize and maintain a healthy body, thus we aspire to expand our services to many other parts of the world.



Along with our highly commercialized Herbal products including the Syrups, Powder, Capsules, and Oil, our innovative team of experts continues to re-discover the miracles in the Natural Herbs and Trees. We Dream to formulate Products that can keep the body Healthy and Immune to any kind of bad influences from bacteria, viruses or even the most catastrophic of them all, Cancer.