Company Profile

With an unparallel contribution in the field of Ayurveda, Saflon Lifesciences has made a quintessential name in the Herbal industry. It has been a notable manufacturer of a plethora of herbal products and solutions. Keeping the view of a ton of medicines that comes with several severe side effects, Saflon’s ayurvedic products assures to give an unanimous solutions without any other side effects. Our outstanding variety of medicines like creams, tablets, products, capsules, lotions, ointments etc ensures a complete answer to all your health care problems. With our highly accomplished team of professionals we make sure that you receive an elite quality treatment with a cost effective solution.

At Saflon Lifesciences we have discovered every secret of the trans-science Ayurveda to enable treatments that promotes the general wellness of your body processes. We embrace the concept of the three pillars in this medicinal science that includes the equilibrium of mind, body and spirit. Ayurveda empowers these three elements of human body creation and produces medicines that ensure the best remedy of all times.

Ayurveda uses extraction from different parts of the plant including leaves, bark, roots and even seeds like cinnamon. Based on the authorization of WHO, our herbal treatments ensure a sustainable treatment for an overall maintenance of the health of the body. It is useful in mitigating diseases especially that are chronic in nature.

Our invaluable treatment strategy enables the evaluation of every health issue specifically. Depending on its complications, we devise the exact methods of treatment. Our focus remains on eradicating the health issue from its very root so that it can never harm the body again.